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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Greenhouse Resident

We have a lovely little greenhouse that Richard built for us a few years ago. It opens out off of our family room. Here in North Carolina, anoles are quite common and they love to stay in the greenhouse during the late fall and winter. The other evening, when I went out to fertilize my Meyer lemon trees that I keep out there when the weather gets too cold outside, I found one of our little tenants nestled among some very small lemons that are just beginning to form. I love the scent that the flowers impart. They are some of the most fragrant, aside from lilacs and peonies. Anyway, I couldn't resist clicking a picture of this little guy who might argue that it is indeed easy sometimes being green!


Carolee said...

Too cute!

Thanks for visiting, and for the kind words about my blog and work...Just noticed you had me linked and will do the same!

How lucky you are to live in N.C. - my absolute favorite state! Our daughter is in Asheville, my Mom is in Rutherfordton, and we visit every chance we get....

Since I didn't recogniize your blog name, I'm trying to make an eBay ID connection and from there to your actual name, lol...Help me out? :)

~ Carolee

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Loevely blog. I really like your favorite quote!

Nancy Tobin said...

Hey Elizabeth,
I thought I'd check out your blog, after you left such a nice comment on mine. Great Blog!
I love the bird (we have a sun conure), and your photos are really beautiful, bravo!

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Lisa Evans said...

Thank you for your kind words and Post about my work : )

This little guy is super cute : )