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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It Was Practically Magic!

As a nod to the season, we sat down to watch a couple of bewitching films. I had to work late Friday and also worked on Saturday so it was a short weekend with just enough time to watch a movie or two. I forgot how much I adored the house in Practical Magic. I'd love to come home to it. Diane Weiss and Stockard Channing are great as was the entire cast. I made a homemade braided chocolate/cherry bread with a glaze. It was really very tasty and complimented the movie quite nicely. A little Dunkin Donuts coffee added to the treat.

The rest of my very short time off this weekend was devoted to learning how to move around in HTML to get my blog looking more like I want it to. I took a few photos of Dumpling perching amongst some miniature pumpkins we grew this year for an autumnal header. I had a great deal of fun trying to get the layout working for me. I like how it all turned out. There is still much to learn, but I think I'll get the hang of it.

Calamity Kim sent me a wonderful little Halloween card that was waiting for me after work on Friday. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. Thank you Kim!

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Nicky said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Yes Caitlin is a Maine Coon. She is a lovely sweet and quite small little Maine Coon lady.Maine coons come in all colors exept they may not have points like Siamese cats.
I love your littel Dumpling.Het is gourgous.What color!!! Please come visit me again.I love to have your recepie for the chocolade cherry bread!!
Have a lovely weekend,