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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Pea, Thor and Zeus

I recently took some photos of three of our dogs. Sweet Pea just loves to have her picture taken. She's at least 15 years old and came to us starving and barely able to stand up. Thor and Zeus are about five years old and are brothers. I've blogged about them before. Their former owner set them on fire. Animal control was going to have them euthanized, but they were spared and we were able to add them to our family. They bring us such love and joy; I can't imagine life without them...

Sweet Pea



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I love Spring and all the beauty it bestows upon us. Its a time of renewal and rebirth; a time of joy and hope. Eggs are wonderful anytime of the year, but in Spring, the hens really get into the spirit and lay some of the most beautiful eggs. We have Americaunas who lay blue, green, pink and tan eggs and Marans who lay chocolate-brown eggs. They are so beautiful that they really need no other embellishment. We are headed to an Easter get-together tomorrow and I'm going to bring some of these beauties along. I photographed them in one of my favorite hand-made baskets. I think they complement their nest wonderfully. Wishing everyone a season of peace. I hope you find the spirit of the season in whatever way you celebrate it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sheep with a Bright Idea

I found this video while visiting another blog and found it to be quite funny. I think these guys might have just a wee bit too much time on their hands. The sheep don't appear to mind too much and I guess they're used to herding by now, so what's so bad about an LED saddle? Anyway, it was so much fun to watch I had to share it here...