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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Pea, Thor and Zeus

I recently took some photos of three of our dogs. Sweet Pea just loves to have her picture taken. She's at least 15 years old and came to us starving and barely able to stand up. Thor and Zeus are about five years old and are brothers. I've blogged about them before. Their former owner set them on fire. Animal control was going to have them euthanized, but they were spared and we were able to add them to our family. They bring us such love and joy; I can't imagine life without them...

Sweet Pea




Carolee said...

What precious companions you have! Bless you for adopting them - there's something so special about rescue dogs, isn't there?

~ Carolee

Nancy Tobin said...

Hi Elizabeth,
What a heartbreaking story about your dear pets! I'm glad they have you now.
I wish I could get my dog to pose for the camera — she hears the click of the on-switch, and she runs!
Dumpling is as cute as ever in the flowers!

snippetgirl said...

Hi Elizabeth!!!
Oh my gosh, thank goodness you saved these sweet dogs. They are so lucky to have you and vice versa :). I get emails with desperate stories about the dogs and cats needing rescue in animal controls all over the place every day. I wish more people would understand how important it is to go adopt there.
Thank you for your message on my blog!! I am so happy you were able to get those kittens and wish you lots of luck on trapping/catching the mom and last kitten! It is wonderful that you are helping them. Keep me posted :)!!
Many purrs and woofs,

Barbara Jacksier said...

I'm so glad you've been lurking and even happier that you came out of the shadows and left a comment because now I've found you-- and dumpling!

Belgium (my golden buddy) says hi to Sweet Pea, Thor and Zeus.

snippetgirl said...

Hey Elizabeth!
I just wanted to answer your questions...can you email me your email address? Mine is: snippetgirl@gmail.com
I am soooo happy you were able to get the mom and kittens!! Woohoo!
Purrs, Carrie

Sue said...

I am in love with Thor. His sweet face reminds me of Monty, who we lost last Christmas. How can anyone be cruel to those beautiful babies?