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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is Here!

We've had a good bit of rain here this week and that's a good thing because it quenches the thirst of the flora and fauna and makes everything look fresh and revitalized. I spent a few minutes this afternoon taking some photos of a redbud in our yard that grew from seed. We have lots of redbud trees now because we keep letting them reseed. I love these trees so much and was thrilled that I could catch some of the raindrops on their petals. There were honeybees buzzing about among the flowers, but they were camera-shy and didn't want to pose. I was so excited to see them looking for nectar and pollen since there is a nasty little mite that has threatened their well-being.

The photo above shows several of the trees next to our drive. I tried to capture the effect of their branches so laden with their beautiful flowers. I loved the way the pink of the petals plays against the gray backdrop of the overcast day.

I came back inside and took a photo of a little niche in our dining area that I have decorated for Spring. Through the window you can see some of the dogwoods that are just now beginning to come out. I took the second picture a little later this afternoon and turned on the little lamp I have in that niche.

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