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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

May each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It often seems that this holiday is lost in the rush toward Christmas merriment. I find this holiday to be a good time to reflect on the riches presented to me in my life. My husband, my daughter, our pets, my home; I could go on for quite some time.

While this past year has been filled with challenges, it has also been showered with blessings. My husband was laid off a year ago this past September. It has given him a time to be here at home with our creatures while he works on a software product. It has brought a certain kind of peace where he does not feel the oppressive presence of a harsh manager every day. I'm thankful he can be here. I was diagnosed with diabetes a little over a month ago. It has given me a chance to wake up and get healthier with the support of my loving family.

I am thankful that I have a job and good benefits. I am thankful that our home is paid for, that we carry no credit card debt and that we own our cars. I am thankful that we have a beautiful, loving, intelligent and generous daughter who lights up our life. I am thankful that our nation took a good turn and we now have a leader who I can feel proud of and respect for. I am thankful that my husband loves and supports me even when I am prickly. I am thankful for the support and love I feel here on my blog and the blogs of those I frequent.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Sue said...

Happy holidays to your whole family two footed and four footed. We're hoping that 2010 will be a better year for everyone.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully beautiful post.
So much love and happiness.
I am very excited about your paintings. Thank you so much for sharing. Your message was so beautiful, I chocked up while reading it.
All the best and have an awesome week!



Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, if only i lived in a cottage. Mmm! Such a sweet dream.
I do live in a village though. It was the largest village in europe until another grew larger in Europe somewhere? Maybe we a second now? In the street where I live are lots of old people who are lovely and such a quiet street.
At the end of the street are fields and a few woods here and there. Even though my house is not a cottage, it is as near to this life I can be.
My step dad John and my mum live this kind of life with their chickens and growing potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries and pear tree. Thanks to them they have given me this beautiful side of life.
Maybe you are physic? Reading all what I have written, made me realize what I do have, thank you for this.

You know something, I love circles too and spots. They just make things look finished and so pretty.

Hoping to give some more image giveaways, thank you so much for liking my art enough to place in your home. Makes my heart warm to be able to share something people will enjoy.

Have the best weekend ever!
Sending love to you, your hubby and doggies!


Carolee said...

What a beautiful post, although I'm a little late reading it, hehe)...

Sorry to hear about the diabetes diagnosis, but glad you're taking good care of yourself! And what a blessing to have everything paid off - makes life's emergencies much more manageable (not that I'd know, lol!)

And I couldn't agree more about the new direction the country is taking - a blessing indeed!

Sending wishes for a very happy holiday season to you and yours....

~ Carolee

Diane Willard Kaufman said...

you are indeed very blessed with the life you have created for yourself! What a wonderful, postive attitude you have! Happy Holidays to you from all of us @ Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island