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  • It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been - George Eliot

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LuLu Bug Jewelry

Holy smokes...I just found this beautiful pendant on ETSY! You may also view more of Sue's wonderful PMC work on the link to her blog in the heading for this post. If I had some money at hand right now, I'd be snapping up this lovely piece. I love her use of resin as a substitute for enamel on this pendant. The interplay of the glossy red and the textural finish of the silver is exquisite. Please go visit Sue's blog and shop to drool over more of her fabulously crafted wares!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Been "Tagged" by Nancy Tobin

How exciting it was to find a comment left by a very talented artist by the name of Nancy Tobin. You may follow the link in the heading of this post to find her beautiful blog. Her lovely mixed media paintings and prints can by found on ETSY. I am in love with the way she uses transparent layers to build a rich pools of color.

Nancy has "tagged" me to divulge six things about me and pass this challenge to six others. I'm not sure these are quirky, but I'm sure they will bore you! So, here it goes...

1...unfortunately, I grind my teeth at night
2...my lovebird, Dumpling, insists on sitting right on top of my head
3...I eat sardines almost every day for lunch, sitting in my cube at work and looking at ETSY
4...I'm an adopted only child who had only one child (neither of us are spoiled!)
5...I like to watch Dexter on Showtime
6...I can never decide what my favorite color is...I'm immediately attracted to a rainbow of colors
7...I never know when enough is enough (see what I mean...this is already one too many here)

Okay...enough of that. Now I'm going to go tag six other wonderfully witty and talented women whose blogs I love to follow. Again, thank you Nancy for your kind comments about my wee, little blog and for "tagging" me. Now, anyone else who stops by, go visit Nancy's blog and look at all her beautiful work for yourself!