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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LuLu Bug Jewelry

Holy smokes...I just found this beautiful pendant on ETSY! You may also view more of Sue's wonderful PMC work on the link to her blog in the heading for this post. If I had some money at hand right now, I'd be snapping up this lovely piece. I love her use of resin as a substitute for enamel on this pendant. The interplay of the glossy red and the textural finish of the silver is exquisite. Please go visit Sue's blog and shop to drool over more of her fabulously crafted wares!


Nicky said...

What a beatiful pendant you have bought!! Quite the thing to wear at this time of the year. Two years agoo I had a red Christmas tree with red roses, red glass balls and....red glass cardinal birds!! If you like to mail me find my email adress under my picture in my full profile. Looking forward to the recipie. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Elizabeth!!!
It's sooo nice to meet you!
I'm glad you like my shower. One of the reasons I used the pebbles on the floor, besides the fact that I like them, is because we really have hard water too. Also, my hubby has oily skin and he always seems to leave a stain on the shower floor. LOL!!
Anyway, I say rip up that tile and put some pebbles down, but first take some pain reliever. LOL!!
Good to meet you!


quitethecrow said...

Hi Michelle...thank you for your recommendation on the shower floor. Between the iron and calcium deposits, it's nearly impossible to keep the floor white. I'm thinking of trying a combination of free-form slate and pebbles as a possibility since our shower is about 8x8. Again, your work is beautiful and I so admire your talent. Thank you for stopping by my little blog area!