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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Speakeasy...27 September 2008

Speakeasy was a skinny ginger tabby who came begging one Spring around 10 years ago. He was bedraggled and sad. We already had taken in six other little drifters, but my daughter Sarah pleaded for us to take him in. We named him Speakeasy because he talked a lot. He settled in and made a place for himself among everyone else and grew. Actually, he grew and grew and grew! Poor Speakeasy had weight issues; while his compadres remained svelt, Mr. Speak grew to great proportions. He moved to live with my daughter who was better able to ration his meals than we could with all of our brood. For a little better than a year he lived with her and relished his sofa-time spent with her. About a month ago, he had some issues and she took him to the veterinarian. She was told he had colitis and was given an injection of antibiotic. He appeared to get better, but then about a week ago he stopped eating altogether and was wobbly on his feet. We took him to the emergency vet last Saturday where he passed away. So, Mr. Speak left us. He drifted into our lives and drifted out in much the same way. We'll miss him and remember his comical ways and his funny lumbering walk. He was feisty and loved his kibble. He looked forward to any time he could snuggle and share the sofa with his humans. Till we meet again, Mr. Speak. We grieved when you left us. You're in our hearts.

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