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  • It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been - George Eliot

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zeus and Thor

Zeus and Thor are two pitbull mixes that we adopted in 2005. They are brothers. Their former owner was cruel and set them on fire. Animal control was called and they planned on euthanizing them, but one of the officers thought they could be saved. It took quite some time for their wounds to heal, but now they're as good as new. Zeus (the guy in the front) has a few patches on his back that will never have fur, but it doesn't slow him down any. We decided to name them after gods of fire/lightning/thunder to give them power over their pain.

Here they are on the steps with Gracie, a sharpei we rescued who lives with my daughter Sarah at night and with us during the day. She is very camera-shy and so it's nearly impossible to get a photo of her.

Dumpling and Me in the morning

This is a little acrylic painting I did recently that is inspired by my lovebird Dumpling. He's eleven years old and is a great little companion. I hand-fed him from a tiny fresh-hatched chick with no feathers. He loves me and dear hubby, Richard but is jealous of our grown daughter, Sarah. He screams at her and tries to nip her. He also hates my talking on the phone and nips at my fingers if I'm holding the phone. He loves to rip up paper and chirp to keep beat of rhythms he likes. He is thrilled with playing with whatever is on my desk. He loves to get a bath at the sink, Bath time is an early morning ritual.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Delicious Cherries

These are the first cherries we got our hands on for this season. They tasted even better than they looked!

Added a heading!

Well, I added my heading. It's a photo of my lovebird Dumpling. He is such a little cutie and loves to sit on my shoulder while I sit at the computer and work. I'm having a lot of fun working on the blog, even though it's a little minimalist right now. Just using this as a learning tool. I hope to get better at this as time goes by. However, the point to all of this is for me to enjoy myself...and I am.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Added music!

Okay, I admit this isn't the most amazing first impression, but I have limited time to add to my blog right now and I'm just playing around with the blogginess about me. I spent a bit of time learning how to add a playlist. I had a good bit of fun doing that. Hopefully, in the next few days I will learn more bloggable ways to enrich this space. So far, I'm just enjoying listening to the tunes I have chosen.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dipping a toe...

Hi everyone! This is my first adventure into blogdom and I'm using this forum to sample, learn from and experiment with this new medium. Hopefully, no one will read this until I learn what I am doing. I fell in love with the blog world and have been so inspired by the many talented artists and craftspersons I have found on the web that I decided I had to make a presence here myself.

Well, here goes...